Focusing on visual elements (Author)

When viewing visuals, you can choose data that you want to focus on or exclude. To perform this choice, choose an element such as a bar or bubble, or a row or column header.

By focusing on or excluding data, you create a filter to show only the data that you selected.

To remove the filter, choose Filters at left and then disable or delete the filter. You can also use Undo to remove a filter.

If your visual has a legend that shows categories (dimensions), you can click on the values in the legend to see a menu of available actions. For example, suppose that your bar chart has a field in the Color or Group/Color field well. The bar chart menu displays the actions that you can choose by clicking or right-clicking on a bar, such as the following:

  • Focusing on, or excluding, visual elements

  • Changing colors of visual elements

  • Drilling down into a hierarchy

  • Custom actions activated from the menu, including filtering or URL actions

The following screenshot shows how to use the legend for focusing on, or excluding, a dimension.

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